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Senator Klobuchar on Combating Climate Change

The evidence is clear: the climate crisis isn’t happening in 100 years — it’s happening now. 2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record globally and it was another near-record year for U.S. weather and climate disasters. The dire warnings in the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Climate Assessment make clear that immediate action is needed. The National Climate Assessment lays out how increasing global temperatures are harming our country’s food systems and public health by increasing the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, while displacement and destruction caused by climate-related natural disasters threaten our economy and national security.

Senator Klobuchar is deeply committed to tackling the climate crisis and she believes that it is an urgent priority for our country, for our economy and for our planet. She is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, has signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, and believes we must stand up to the fossil fuel companies, which means campaign finance reform and taking on special interests.

In the Senate, Senator Klobuchar leads the fight to combat climate change by serving on the Senate Climate Action Taskforce, has fought for legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, and led a Senate resolution recognizing that global climate change is occurring and will continue to pose ongoing risks unless we take action. She authored legislation setting a national renewable electricity standard and she successfully extended renewable energy production tax credits. The first major bill Senator Klobuchar ever introduced was a carbon counter bill to establish the first national greenhouse gas registry to track emissions by major industries.

Senator Klobuchar has laid out a plan for her first 100 days as President that includes executive actions she can and will take to combat climate change immediately:

Get the United States back in the International Climate Agreement on day one. On day one of Senator Klobuchar’s presidency she will get us back into the International Climate Change Agreement, working so that the United States maintains global leadership to address the climate crisis.

Restore the Clean Power Plan. To address the climate crisis, Senator Klobuchar will bring back the goals established by the Clean Power Plan, which set emissions standards for states with respect to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Bring back the fuel-economy standards. Senator Klobuchar will restore and strengthen our fuel economy standards, which are key to fighting climate change. The Trump Administration has weakened the fuel-economy standards for cars and light trucks and has challenged the right of California and other states to follow more stringent standards.

And as President, Senator Klobuchar will introduce sweeping legislation in her first 100 days that will put our country on a path to achieving 100% net-zero emissions no later than 2050 by:

  • Creating state, local and private incentives for the immediate adoption and deployment of clean energy technology to reduce emissions.
  • Assisting communities that are most directly experiencing the impacts of climate change through strong new environmental justice programs and fulfilling our responsibility to our communities and workers who have helped power this country.
  • Strengthening federal climate research and innovation, including carbon capture and negative emissions technologies, by fully supporting research at the Department of Energy and ARPA-E and encouraging partnerships with the non-profit and private sectors.
  • Investing in green jobs and infrastructure through her $1 trillion infrastructure package by modernizing our aging energy infrastructure so that it is secure and efficient and expanding energy efficiency retrofits.
  • Adopting a carbon pricing program that does not have a regressive impact on Americans.
  • Providing new economic and environmental opportunities in rural America by investing in rural renewable energy development and by passing and signing into law Senator Klobuchar’s bipartisan Expanding Access to Sustainable Energy (EASE) Act to provide rural electric cooperatives access to resources and expertise to overcome the barriers to renewable energy storage and grid improvements.
  • Building a market for new and existing climate-friendly products by promoting federal procurement policies that account for low-carbon energy sources andΒ climate conscious processes as part of a national goal to reduceΒ climateΒ change pollution, supported by a new β€œBuy Clean” product labeling system.
  • Connecting people and businesses with better transportation options by promoting light and heavy rail and encouraging innovative local transportation policies that successfully cut oil consumption and pollution, reduce congestion, and improve access to employment and education opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of the next generation of low emission buildings through model building energy codes and benchmarking and transparency programs to cut carbon pollution and energy bills for American families and businesses.
  • Ensuring that federal infrastructure investments are resilient to both current and futureΒ climateΒ risks and partnering with states and communities to develop regionally coordinated, resilient infrastructure strategies.
  • Reducing methane emissions, including by restoring and strengthening the EPA’s methane rules.
  • Confronting the national security challenges of climate change by working with our allies to address global food security, tackle water shortages, support climate resilient development, help countries adapt to the effects of climate change, and prepare for the increased risk of natural disasters.

During the first 100 days of her presidency, Senator Klobuchar will also:

End the Trump Administration’s censoring of climate science. Senator Klobuchar will end Trump Administration efforts to censor climate science through actions like deleting climate-focused websites, removing the phrase β€œclimate change” from reports, and preventing government scientists from attending conferences on climate change.

Set ambitious goals to reduce the carbon footprint of the federal government. The federal government has a significant carbon footprint. As President, Senator Klobuchar will set ambitious goals to increase the efficiency of federal buildings, data centers, and vehicles, reduce water consumption, and increase the use of renewable energy.

Undertake a comprehensive review and restore environmental protections repealed by the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration has revoked dozens of guidance documents and rules that protect people’s safety, health and the environment when it comes to our power plants, oil refineries, national parks and wildlife refuges, offshore drilling, pipelines, and oil and gas development. Senator Klobuchar will undertake a thorough review of all the repealed guidance and rules, and work to restore our environmental and safety protections.

Reinstate the National Climate Assessment Advisory Committee to immediately start addressing the climate crisis. The National Climate Assessment Advisory Committee was charged with translating the findings of the National Climate Assessment into concrete goals. Senator Klobuchar will reinstate this committee that President Trump let expire.


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