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Voting and Campaign Finance:ย The right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy, and we must make sure peopleโ€™s voices are heard. But today the right to vote is under attack. As President, Amyย will championย a voting rights and democracy reform package, including automatically registering every 18-year-old in this country to vote, banning states from purging voters from rolls for not voting in recent elections, putting same-day registration policies in place, and restoring theย Voting Rights Act. And itโ€™s time to pass a constitutional amendment to overturnย Citizens Unitedย and get dark money out of our politics, as well as establish a campaign finance system that increases the power of small donors through a matching system for small donations. Read more about Amyโ€™s policies to reform our democracy here.

Election Security:ย The Russian attack on our democracy during the 2016 election highlighted theย critical needย for improving our election cybersecurity. Amy has led the way in the Senate when it comes to stopping cyber-attacks on our elections and protecting against future foreign interference. And as President, she willย push for security protocols such as backup paper ballots and audits and make sure that national security officials share information about the potential for attacks with state officials in real time. Read more about Amyโ€™s election security policies here.ย 

Criminal Justice:ย Amy believes it is time for theย Second Step Act. The First Step Act โ€” which made key federal sentencing and prison reforms โ€” only applied to those held in federal prisons and didnโ€™t help the nearly 90 percent of incarcerated populations in state and local facilities. Amy will create federal incentives so that states canย restore some discretionย from mandatory sentencing for nonviolent offenders. She will also reform the cash bail system, expand funding for public defenders, eliminate obstacles to re-entering and participating fully in society, and fight for expanded drug courts. And during the first month of her presidency, Amy will create aย clemency advisory boardย as well as a position in the White House โ€” outside of the Department of Justice โ€” that advises the President from a criminal justice reform perspective.ย Read more about Amy’s criminal justice policies here.

Read Amyโ€™s plan for herย first 100 daysย as President and theย over 100 billsย sheโ€™s passed as lead Democrat.


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