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Shared Prosperity and Economic Justice

Shared Prosperity: Too many people aren’t sharing in our country’s economic prosperity. Shared prosperity is about ensuring all families have a fair shot in today’s economy, and Amy believes that this means investing in quality child care, overhauling our country’s housing policy, raising the minimum wage, providing paid family leave, supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as helping Americans save for retirement.

Education: We also need to make sure all our children can get a great education. That means increasing teacher pay and funding for our public schools, with a focus on investment in areas that need it the most. And we need to make sure the rising costs of college aren’t a barrier to opportunity. Amy supports allowing borrowers to refinance student loans at lower rates, loan forgiveness for in-demand occupations, expanded Pell grants, and tuition-free one- and two-year community college degrees and technical certifications.

Agriculture and Rural Communities: America’s prosperity depends on supporting our family farmers and rural communities, but today farm income in America remains near historic lows. Amy has been an advocate for rural communities and our farmers, and she understands that this country has to do more to provide a strong safety net to help farmers, as well as invest in our rural communities, which includes hospitals, childcare, housing, connecting every household to high-speed internet by 2022, and a strong farm policy.

Economic Justice: We must beat back decades of systemic racism and inequality. Amy believes this begins with early-childcare and fixing our education system, addressing racism in health care such as disparities in maternal and infant mortality rates, ending housing discrimination so that everyone can afford to rent an apartment and own a home in a good neighborhood for their kids, and tackling disparities in wages and in retirement savings. 

Labor: As the granddaughter of an iron ore miner and the daughter of a union teacher and a union newspaperman, Amy will bring one clear but simple guide to the White House: When unions are strong, our country is strong. As President, she’ll stand up against attempts to weaken our unions. That means achieving real labor law reform, ensuring free and fair union elections, protecting collective bargaining rights, rolling back Right to Work laws, and making it easier — and not harder — for workers to join unions.

Immigration: Comprehensive immigration reform is also crucial to moving our economy and our country forward. Amy supports a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes the DREAM Act, border security and an accountable pathway to earned citizenship. She is committed to stopping the cruel and inhumane policy where the government is taking kids away from their parents.

Infrastructure: Amy has proposed a bold plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure, invest in our future, and create millions of good-paying American jobs. Her plan includes repairing and replacing our roads, highways and bridges as well as building smart climate infrastructure, ensuring clean water, modernizing our airports, seaports and inland waterways, expanding reliable public transit options, rebuilding our schools, overhauling our country’s housing policy, and connecting every household to the internet by 2022.

A Changing Economy: Our laws and our policies have not kept pace with our changing economy and the digital revolution. Amy believes that this means we need to do more when it comes to taking on monopoly power and promoting competition, protecting consumers and their privacy in the digital age, and empowering workers with the tools they need to succeed in the evolving digital economy and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Read Amy’s plan for her first 100 days as President and the over 100 bills she’s passed as lead Democrat.


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