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Health Care

Health Care: Amy supports universal health care for all Americans, and she believes the quickest way to get there is through a public option that expands Medicare or Medicaid. She supports changes to the Affordable Care Act toΒ help bring down costs to consumers including providing cost-sharing reductions, making it easier for states to put reinsurance in place, and continuing to implement delivery system reform. And she’s been fighting her whole life to bring down the cost of prescription drugs.Β Read more about Senator Klobuchar’s health care policies here.

Prescription drugs:Β When people are sick, their focus should be on getting better, rather than on how they can afford their prescriptions. Yet drug prices are an increasing burden across our country. Β Amy has been a champion when it comes to tackling the high costs of prescription drugs. She has authored proposals to lift the ban on Medicare negotiations for prescription drugs, allow personal importation of safe drugs from countries like Canada, and stop pharmaceutical companies fromΒ blockingΒ less-expensive generics.

Addiction and Mental Health: Amy’s dad struggled with alcoholism and she saw the toll that mental health and substance use disorders can take on families and communities. As President, Amy will combat substance use disorder and prioritize mental health, including launching new prevention and early intervention initiatives, expanding access to treatment, and giving Americans a path to sustainable recovery. Her plan will ensure that everyone has the rightβ€Šβ€”β€Šand the opportunityβ€Šβ€”β€Što be pursued by grace and receive effective, professional treatment and help.

Reproductive Rights: When it comes to women’s health, it’s clear that there is a concerted effort to attack, undermine and eliminate a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. The recent bans in states are dangerous, they are unconstitutional, and they are out of step with the majority of Americans. Amy will continue working to protect the health and lives of women across the country.

Read Amy’s plan for herΒ first 100 daysΒ as President and theΒ over 100 billsΒ she’s passed as lead Democrat.



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