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The San Francisco Chronicle endorses Amy Klobuchar in the Democratic primary

She is listener with a wickedly quick sense of humor who can make her point effectively and with civility. She has the skills to unite the Democratic Party.


The Seattle Times Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar for President

Klobuchar is a pragmatic and authentic progressive who wants to make actual progress.


The Houston Chronicle Endorses Amy Klobuchar

We see some of what plagues American political discourse and one thing that can save it: a strong leader who can outwit anger, rise above contempt and exercise the good sense to walk...


Las Vegas Weekly’s 2020 Nevada Caucus Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar

In our interview with Klobuchar, it was easy to understand why she has picked up powerful momentum in recent weeks. She is a sincere and results-oriented leader who, to her credit, shows an understanding...


Seacoast Media Group Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar can unite America

The challenges our nation faces are daunting to say the least, and we can’t fight climate change, a dysfunctional and economically abusive health care system, and soaring debt and deficits while fighting each other....


Iowa City Press-Citizen Editorial Board endorses Amy Klobuchar for Iowa Caucus 2020

The country needs change, but that change will only come from a party headed by a President who has the capacity to unify our country... She can beat Trump in the Midwest, which is...

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