Senator Klobuchar on Immigration

Senator Klobuchar believes that immigrants don’t diminish America, they are America. She stands on the shoulders of immigrants and knows that immigration is a key part of moving our economy and our country forward. She is also proud to represent a state that has the largest Somali population and the second largest Hmong population, many of whom arrived as refugees.Β 

Senator Klobuchar has been a leader in the push for comprehensive immigration reform in the United States Senate. When she first arrived in the Senate, she was asked by Senator Ted Kennedy to to work on the immigration reform working group and as a member of the Judiciary Committee Senator Klobuchar was later part of the effort to pass the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate that included a pathway to citizenship and the DREAM Act.

As President, Senator Klobuchar will reject the Trump Administration’s mean-spirited approach to immigration policy and take action to support immigrant communities in this country. She will:Β 

  • Jump-start negotiations for comprehensive immigration reform β€” which includes a pathway to citizenship, the DREAM Act and border security β€” with the stated goal of passing it in the first year of her presidency. Comprehensive immigration could reduce the deficit by $158 billion over ten years.
  • Issue an Executive Order putting an immediate end to the cruel and inhumane policy where the government is taking kids away from their parents and ensuring children are reunited with their parents without delay.
  • Reverse this administration’s attempt to overrule the Flores Settlement Agreement, which prevents prolonged detention of children and prevents children from being detained in inhumane conditions by requiring basic levels of food, water and health care.
  • Allow asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle countries to seek asylum in their home countries.
  • End the for-profit detention of asylum seekers and reduce the size of the immigration detention system, limit ICE’s detention budget and expand alternatives to detention and the successful Family Case Management Program.
  • Shift funding from ICE’s enforcement and removal operations to support services for children seeking asylum and anti-trafficking programs, increase funding for immigration judges and support personnel to more effectively process cases and reassess the current bond system for immigration courts.
  • Protect DREAMers and immigrants who are living, working and succeeding here under Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforcement Departure.
  • Put an immediate end to the Trump Administration’s travel ban.Β 
  • Restore asylum for the victims of gender-based violence by overturning former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s opinion in Matter of A-B.
  • Direct the State Department to restore the refugee admissions cap to at least its pre-Trump Administration level.
  • Stop the diversion of funds needed to modernize our military bases from being used for the border wall. Senator Klobuchar will rescind President Trump’s national emergency declaration and return funding for its intended purpose.
  • Reopen international U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offices, which deal primarily with international adoptions, family visa applications, petitions for citizenship for military members stationed in foreign countries, and citizenship applications, along with help on refugee processing and investigations of fraud.Β 
  • Protect funding for the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, recognizing that the cuts present a serious risk to our national security and undermine efforts to address the underlying conditions driving migration to the United States.
  • Build on the Conrad 30 program that allows international doctors trained in the United States to extend their stay in the country if they agree to practice in underserved communities.Β 



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