Amy for America

The following individuals have raised at least $25,000 for our campaign:


City, State

Paula Aaronson Austin, TX
Pamela Africk Fort Lauderdale, FL
Diana Nelson and John Atwater San Francisco, CA
Julie and Doug Baker Edina, MN
Judy Liff-Barker and Joe Barker Nashville, TN
Ron Barczak Minneapolis, MN
Laura Sessums and Blake Biles Washington, DC
Neil Bluhm Chicago, IL
Peter Brodsky Dallas, TX
Ann Callis Troy, IL
Sonya and Tom Campion Seattle, WA
Michelle Canero Miami, FL
Theresa and Peter Carter Atlanta, GA
Darren Check Radnor, PA
Swati Dandekar Marion, IA
Mike Day Minneapolis, MN
Beth Ann Day New York, NY
Karen and Glenn Doshay Rancho Santa Fe, CA
John Driscoll Saint Louis, MO
Pamela and Adam Emmerich New York, NY
David Fite Jackson, WY
Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan Saint Louis Park, MN
Roland Garcia Houston, TX
Stevie and Gardner Gillespie Alexandria, VA
Cathrin Stickney and Mark Gorenberg San Francisco, CA
Ashley Gregory New York, NY
Ted Grindal Minneapolis, MN
Nancy and Jeffrey Halis New York, NY
Lili Hall Golden Valley, MN
Lena and Matthew Hamel Prospect, KY
Christie Hefner Chicago, IL
Stacey Mills and Amb. Sam Heins Wayzata, MN
Elizabeth and Dale Hemmerdinger New York, NY
Vicki Heyman and Amb. Bruce Heyman Chicago, IL
Chris Hilger Saint Paul, MN
Lara Horgan Laguna Niguel, CA
Andrea Kaufman and Jim Jacobson Minneapolis, MN
Brendan Johnson Sioux Falls, SD
Hubert Joly Minneapolis, MN
Sylvia Kaplan and Amb. Sam Kaplan Minneapolis, MN
Brad Karp New York, NY
Leslie Kerman McLean, VA
Seth Klarman Boston, MA
Charlie Kratsch Ham Lake, MN
David Kristal Saint Paul, MN
Barbara and Richard Lane New York, NY
Mary and Jim Lawrence Minneapolis, MN
Cortney Leneave Long Lake, MN
Randal Leneave Long Lake, MN
Ellen and Andy Luger Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Mallory Columbia, SC
Rebecca Haile and Jean Manas New York, NY
Dave and Kathleen MacLennan Edina, MN
Karen and Stephen Malkin Glencoe, IL
Judd Malkin Chicago, IL
Sue and Steve Mandel Greenwich, CT
Jill and Paul Meister Chicago, IL
Aviva Tropp and Aaron Mendelsohn New York, NY
David Millstone New York, NY
Jane and Maison Miscavage Vienna, VA
Karin Birkeland and Lee Mitau Minneapolis, MN
Vice President Walter F. Mondale Minneapolis, MN
Leni and David Moore Minneapolis, MN
Kim Young and John Moragne Atherton, CA
Asmah Tareen and Amber Naqvi Eagan, MN
Charlie Nauen Saint Paul, MN
Kim Nelson Minneapolis, MN
Thomas Nides New York, NY
John O’Neil Wayzata, MN
Susan and Jonathan Olesky Mendham, NJ
Darin and Vance Opperman Wayzata, MN
Rich Pachulski Los Angeles, CA
Maureen and Roger Parkinson Naples, FL
Diane and Mark Perlberg Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Donna and Jim Pohlad Minneapolis, MN
Richard Price Highland Park, IL
Amb. Azita Raji Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Jami Rubin and Eric Reiff New York, NY
Jennifer Rice Philadelphia, PA
Julie Richardson New York, NY
Marilyn Rivkin New York, NY
Lee Rosenberg Chicago, IL
David Ross Bald Head Island, NC
Amy Rotenberg Washington, DC
Sarah and Greg Sands Palo Alto, CA
Tom Sax Chicago, IL
Lisa and Steven Schatz Atherton, CA
Jeffrey Schoenfeld New York, NY
Kris and Rob Schriesheim Winnetka, IL
Steve Segal Chestnut Hill, MA
Susie and David Sherman Glencoe, IL
George Sherman Minneapolis, MN
Bill Sieben Hastings, MN
Doug Silverman New York, NY
Sen. Tina Smith Minneapolis, MN
Jeffrey Snyder Rockville, MD
Karen and David Sobotka New York, NY
Eta Somekh Los Altos Hills, CA
Missy Staples Thompson Saint Paul, MN
Esta Stecher New York, NY
Robin Sternberg Kentfield, CA
Lise Strickler New York, NY
Jay Sures Los Angeles, CA
Meg and John Symington Washington, DC
Laura Taft Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Thomley Saint Cloud, MN
Michael Tuchin Los Angeles, CA
Eduardo Ardiles and Joseph Ujobai Philadelphia, PA
Donna Zaccaro and Paul Ullman New York, NY
George Vradenburg Washington, DC
Judith Wagner Cherry Hills Village, CO
Judy and Bill Walter Minneapolis, MN
Laysha Ward Minneapolis, MN
Jane Wilf Livingston, NJ
Deborah Willig Philadelphia, PA
Karen Wilson Thissen Minneapolis, MN
Ginna Ingram and Bob Wise Potomac, MD
Anne and John Zaccaro New York, NY
Katherine Zeitlin Haskell Great Falls, VA

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